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I am Isak Olsson, Swedish musician and composer. I have scored a variety of short films, originating from all over the world, with filmmakers of all backgrounds. I have been lucky enough to have some of my work featured at film festivals such as the Greenwich Village Film Festival, Reel Shorts Film Festival, as well as Middle East Film & Comic Con.

As a way to learn how to write and compose music for the screen, I began writing hypothetical scores for films such as “The Snowman” and Neill Blomkamp’s “Alien V”. Since then, I have composed original scores for several projects, and have begun developing a particular style which often finds its home in very dark stories.

I want my music to constantly move forward. Directors who want to hear something new, whose projects allow me to enter unknown musical territories, are the ones that interest me the most; opportunities open to sonic experimentation and reinvention.

All my music is available on Soundcloud.


Before you contact me

Thank you for your interest in collaborating. Whether it is a film, video game, or television series, any project that lets me explore new and unconventional ideas will always be seriously considered.

Make sure to collect all relevant information about your project to include in the initial email, such as the script, and the type of music you are looking for.

You may reach me via email, phone, or on any of my social media profiles.

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