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Isak Olsson is a composer and producer based in Sweden. He began his musical journey writing speculative scores for unreleased films, such as the proposed fifth installment of the Alien franchise, 2017’s international crime-thriller The Snowman, and the psychological horror film Unsane. Since then, Isak has written original music for various award-winning short films, as well as an independent feature film and an indie video game, crafted by visionary artists from all corners of the world. His prolific work has been featured at several film festivals including the SXSW, the Reel Shorts Film Festival, as well as at the prestigious Middle East Film & Comic Con.

With a versatility ranging from traditional musical composition, to the electronic world of sound, as well as unconventional audio design, Isak’s music has been the driving force of the eerie underworld, suspenseful dramas, and grand adventures. At the very heart of his work is the idea of constantly reinventing the sonic landscape of cinema and visual art, turning and twisting it in order to discover what the audience has not heard before, all in service of the story.

All of Isak’s music is available to listen to on YouTube and SoundCloud.



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